Results: How do your school's students perform in science and maths?

Results: How do your school students perform in science and maths?It is important to review your school’s exam results in the context of student choice and uptake in different subjects (see Choice section, in which we also look at different groups of students).

How do results:

  1. in biology, chemistry and physics at GCSE and A level (if appropriate) compare against other subjects in the school, especially English and maths?
  2. in your school compare to similar schools in your local area or nationally?
  3. chance over time?




Why this is important

  • Qualifications at GCSE and A level enable students to progress to further and higher education, and into employment or training.
  • Comparisons against other subjects can show the relative quality of teaching and learning across different subjects.
  • Exam results are used to hold the school to account through league tables and Ofsted ratings. It is also important to understand whether demographic factors affect student performance – these issues are considered in more detail in the section on student choice.
  • The trend in results over time can be one indicator of how changes in the school environment and student intake might be affecting students’ attainment.


You can compare data on your school and others through the following websites:

We recommend using the resources above to give context to your school’s results.

Specifically, you could look at:

  • what subjects students have been entered for
  • whether there are any observable patterns in which students are being entered for particular subjects and how they are performing
  • whether there are significant shifts in the number of students being entered for specific subjects and what this might indicate, including teaching and perceptions of the course

Ideas for improvement

  • School leaders will have whole-school improvement strategies, and subject leaders will have their own strategies in place. You can discuss these and the areas they target for improvement.
  • You may wish to consider whether your school has the right balance between teaching students the subjects that are most valuable to them and those in which they can achieve the highest grades.
    • The Russell Group of universities compiled a list of ‘facilitating subjects’, which they felt offer students applying to university the widest range of undergraduate courses.
    • Employers place high value on subjects like English, maths and science.

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