Q8. How does your school ensure that all pupils have access to the personal guidance they require to help them make informed career decisions?

Why is this important?

Many people provide information and advice to young people including parents, employers, teachers and community members. It can be very difficult for young people to make sense of all the information given to them and to make decisions which are well-informed and realistic. Every pupil should have opportunities for guidance interviews with an internal (a member of school staff) or external careers adviser trained to an appropriate level. These opportunities should be available whenever significant study or career choices are being made. They should be offered to all pupils, but should be timed to meet individual need.

It can be difficult for schools to manage a process of commissioning expert career guidance because they do not always understand how to quality assure this type of activity. The Career Development Institute has a register of practitioners which can help to overcome this problem and will ensure that those appointed are not only trained appropriately but keep up to date with the latest developments in practice.

Alternatively, increasing numbers of schools are developing their own staff to become qualified career guidance practitioners and some are employing qualified people to manage their career guidance provision across the school

What strategic questions should you ask the senior leadership team about providing access to personal guidance

  • How is personal career guidance organised in your school?
  • What training is provided for those who deliver personal guidance in your school?
  • What careers guidance qualifications are held and by whom?
  • How does the school quality assure personal career guidance?

Case study of good practice

Archbishop Holgate School has a Senior Leader for career guidance who is both a teacher and a qualified career guidance practitioner. Not only does she provide in-depth career guidance to individual pupils but she has also developed a quality assurance framework which is used during observations of the personal career guidance provided by all staff in the school. The head of careers provides regular continuing professional development sessions for staff. This ensures that all teachers are delivering impartial career guidance which uses the latest labour market information and good practice.

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