Q1. Do all pupils enjoy science and maths? How do teachers inspire and engage all pupils?

Why this is important

  • Teachers can make school lessons enjoyable and interesting to pupils, capturing their imaginations and inspiring them.
  • Pupils who enjoy a subject are more likely to try to achieve the best results possible, continue studying the subject, and see its relevance to their lives.


TIMSS 2015 (a triannual international survey of education) explored Year 5 pupils’ interest in science and maths in English schools.

  • 83% of pupils liked learning maths and science.
  • 94% of pupils said their teaching was engaging.
  • 25% of pupils were not confident in their ability in maths and science.1

Asking questions used in the TIMSS report will enable you to compare the results in your school to these benchmarks, or your school may wish to carry out its own survey and compare answers across years and groups of children.

Ideas for improvement

If a significant number of pupils are not enjoying science or maths, you could take the following steps:

  • Pupil enjoyment can reflect teaching quality. See Q3 and Q4 for ideas for improvement.
  • Examine how to increase the range or quality of pupils’ hands-on work. See questions in the curriculum and resources sections.
  • Pupils may also enjoy science and maths more if they engage with them informally, for example through extracurricular activities, such as STEM clubs and school trips. See curriculum section for more information.

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