Primary schools have the opportunity – and a responsibility – to engage and inform their pupils through inspiring science and maths teaching. Science education should enable pupils to make well-informed decisions in our increasingly high-tech world and give them access to a wide range of rewarding careers.

“We need better science education to secure a strong foundation for a successful and technological society” – Ofsted, 2013.

The questions in this framework can help governing bodies identify areas to celebrate or challenge in science and maths, enabling them to work with their senior leaders to drive improvement. Governing bodies are increasingly monitored on how well they carry out their roles and responsibilities; unless school leadership is deemed outstanding by Ofsted, a school cannot be judged outstanding.

We have identified five overarching question areas and in each of these areas are several specific questions, cross-referenced so you can dip into them in any order, showing

  • why each question is important
  • information on how to measure performance in this area and national benchmarks to compare against where possible
  • ideas for what a school might do to improve its performance.