A framework to facilitate discussions

between governors and school leaders
Focus: science and maths in English secondary schools
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About Questions for Governors

Schools have the opportunity – and a responsibility – to engage their students through inspiring science and maths teaching. Teaching should enable students to achieve their best in these high-stakes core subjects and open up future learning and employment opportunities.
Schools should also sustain their students’ curiosity, allowing them to enjoy the cultural pleasures of our scientific heritage and keep apace with new developments, including those highly relevant to their own lives. Consideration of how schools perform in science and maths should extend beyond simple exam results.

“Very few [schools] measured their [science] departments’ performance against the lofty goal of ‘maintaining curiosity’”, Ofsted 2013.

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Our partners

Wellcome Trust

Questions for Governors has been developed by the Wellcome Trust in collaboration with the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education, Association for Science Education, Campaign for Science and Engineering, Education Endowment Foundation, Gatsby Charitable Foundation, Institute of Physics, the National Governors' Association, National Science Learning Centre, Royal Society of Chemistry, as well as headteachers, governors and many other organisations. The accuracy of the data is the responsibility of the Wellcome Trust.
Questions for Governors is being piloted by the Wellcome Trust in partnership with the National Governors' Association.
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We are a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in health by supporting the brightest minds.
The future of science depends on the quality of science education today.